Not so much ‘spotted’ as ‘unmissable,’ right next door to our office and in the view of everyone who enters the department.

3 thoughts on “comic?

  1. Is it just me or are shortages more excusable in stencil? I mean, it’s not that i /like/ feeling like Lynn Truss, but yknow, there’s a time and a place …


  2. Howdy CathT ;)

    hmmm, is there a sign shortage of sense?

    At my work, the sign on the door of the ‘facilities’ talks about washing hands, as most work places require the posting…..However, this one reads:

    ‘All employees are required to wash your hands after lavatory use’

    We will be so busy washing each other’s hands that we won’t be getting any work done. That, or we could form some kind of Conga line…washy, washy, work, Hey….!


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