aid for burma

An email update from Barnabas Fund says that they’re still able to get aid into Burma, via Christian contacts who they were already in touch with.

Barnabas Fund’s aid for Christian victims of the Burma cyclone is being channelled through Christian organisations and churches on the ground in Burma, to which we have access. It is NOT going through the Burmese government.
We have already sent a first grant and we would like to assure supporters that our partners are based in Burma and do not need to get visas to enter the country. They are already there.
Please do continue to give. There will be a great need for many months as we move from emergency relief to reconstruction and the rebuilding of the homes and lives of the Christian community.

As you likely already know, in non-Western contexts, indigenous Christians are often among the most deprived/despised groups in a country, and natural disasters can leave them with absolutely nothing and no source of help. Barnabas Fund is a nondenominational charity which mainly helps needy Christians in contexts of persecution and/or destitution. Donations for Burma can be made via a secure server on this page here.

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