fairly quiet on the politics front

I’ve been having a wee smattering of referrals from the Scottish Roundup (‘Reporting from Scotland’s Soapbox’).

I hope nobody’s too disappointed to arrive in the search for Scottish political commentary, only to find me doing little more than writing round the clock and singing to mice.

Other stuff that may possibly be of interest (generated manually, not automatically, and with occasional dubiety as to their politicality (and/or Scottishness)):

* Fraudulence still unproven

* Privacy in Scotland

* Shetland terror horror shock

* Scottish age of consent non-consultation

* Extraordinary apology

* We need to care

4 thoughts on “fairly quiet on the politics front

  1. Ah, Cath – me too!

    This poor, benighted fellow-referee would love to know how to switch off the “Possibly (but never actually) related posts” thingie. You’re already my e-heroine for working it out though.



  2. In your dashboard, go to Design then Extras, then select “Hide related links on this blog.”

    Option continues: “which means this blog won’t show up on other’s blogs or get traffic that way.”

    It took me days to find – and in those days, I didn’t get a single piece of traffic that way :)


  3. You are most welcome.

    Other Scottish(-y) blogs that I’m aware of which aren’t listed in my blogroll or at the Laodiceans include the Metro Calvinist, Iain D’s Creideamh, and Colin Dow’s Streams of Living Water. The group behind the Conventicle are at least based in Scotland. None overtly political, but then, neither am I. Just so you can amuse yourselves by playing ‘hunt the link’ in the invisible hyperlinking scheme that’s the unique feature of the MistyLook theme.

    (Grant and Rachel I amn’t ignoring you – you seem to be linked there already :) )


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