got company

I’m just sitting at my desk, right here in the office, working on a paragraph, trying not to fret too much about the fact that two little mice are hiding behind a bookcase on the other side of the room. They converged on it within minutes of each other, from out of the kitchen and along the skirting board of different walls.

I can’t go home yet, it’s only 8 o’clock!

And what might they get up to if there was nobody at all here to stamp on the floor and sing along noisily to internet radio?


17 thoughts on “got company

  1. Decidedly sinister!

    One of my friends grew up in the countryside somewhere populated seemingly mainly by rats, evil cats and predatory rabbits.

    But they need to be black for true creepiness :)


  2. Some time ago I had a mouse in my flat. First I heard only the noises. At some point a crept to the corner where the voice came from, taking away the cardboard standing there – and looked at a tiny mouse. The tiny mouse looked at me. After two seconds, it said “Sqeak!!”. Rather loud for so tiny a mouse. And ran away. It appears to have found a way out of my room very soon after that.


  3. One mouse fairly often does a quick sprint along one wall of the office late at night if I’m on my own in the office. (Actually it might also be the same one that ran past two of us deep in conversation one night, seemingly heedless of our outrage and shrieks.)

    Two at a time is a bit more unsettling. It gives rise to uncomfortable visions of an unknown number of others emerging from the kitchen to rendezvous under the bookcase. Yeuch.


  4. I had giant spiders in the same flat, even twice. I have many, many small spiders, catching mosquitoes for me, good animals that they ore. But the giant one s- I was one my phone when the first one crawled from under the wardrobe, legs nearly 2 mm diameter, body 2 cm long and nearly 1 cm wide – and this time it was I who made “squeak!” Or something like it. It was transferred out of the room hurriedly using the glass-and-paper-technique, but my hands trembled.


  5. Oh dear, do we have to talk about spiders? I feel queasy already.

    We had a truly monstrous one in the bathroom once. There was only me in the flat and since we were on the third floor I knew I’d never manage the glass/paper technique all the way out the front door. Instead, with what I prided myself was great presence of mind, I put a pyrex bowl firmly over the beast and waited for more courageous flatmates to arrive.

    When they did, they flushed it down the loo, obviously.

    But the rather disturbing sequel to this incident involved my brother, who probably wishes to remain anonymous, so let’s just call him Heartless. He must have been round at the flat the day before the trauma itself and naturally I told him all about it the next time we were speaking. ‘It was so huge, you wouldn’t believe!’

    ‘Oh yes,’ he says, ‘I think I saw it. But I just put the seat back down and didn’t think any more of it …’


  6. How about a spider/mouse combo like in Spaced?

    Tim: You’re scared of mice and spiders, but oh-so-much greater is your fear that one day the two species will cross-breed to form an all-powerful race of mice-spiders, who will immobilize human beings in giant webs in order to steal cheese.

    Daisy: I never said that.

    Tim: Yeah, but it’d be good though, wouldn’t it?

    Daisy: I dunno.


  7. I have ants at home. Educational ants: Whenever I just leave some breadcrumbs on my table, the scouts notice and bring their friends – many friends. If everything is clean and crumbless, I won’t see anything of them apart from the occasional single scout every couple of days to remind me not to slacken in my new hygienic efforts.


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