as the wise man said

Ohhhh, the sheer unending grinding, aching, draining, wearing, grinding pain of writing a thesis.

Truly, my friends, of making many revisions there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh.

(Ecclesiastes 12: 12, postgrad paraphrase).

Meanwhile, some unconnected stuff:

* a moral dilemma over the Lisbon treaty. Is it possible to pledge to buy an Irish friend a pint of Guinness and a £5 bet if Ireland votes no to the treaty, without condoning gambling?

* the first part of this post is the clearest thing I’ve ever seen on Helm’s Deep

* old news, but the Catholic Teuchtar highlights a report of how the decision to hold a highland show over the weekend discriminates against people who want to keep Sunday special.


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