creaturely relations

“Of all the kinds of union or unity that exist for creatures, the union of believers with Christ is the highest. The greatest mystery of being is the mystery of the trinity – three persons in one God. The great mystery of godliness is the mystery of the incarnation, that the Son of God became man and was manifest in the flesh. But the greatest mystery of creaturely relations is the union of the people of God with Christ.”

John Murray, Redemption Accomplished and Applied, p169 (BoT 1955)

3 thoughts on “creaturely relations

  1. This is an excellent book to give to a new believer. It’s a simple book to read, yet it gives a lot of good basic information. John Murray (1898-1975) taught systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia from 1930 to 1966, when he retired and returned to his native Scotland.

    Since I’m dwelling in the Reformed past, let me note the passing of R. Laird Harris (1911-2008), who died last Friday (April 25) at the age of 97. He was the last surviving minister of the group of ministers who founded the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (my denomination) in 1936. He spent most of his career as a seminary professor (Old Testament), first at Faith Theological Seminary in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania (1937-1956), then at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri (1956-1981), where he was a member of the founding faculty.


  2. John Murray started out in the Free Presbyterian church, i think, altho i don’t know very much about him. People from the north still speak highly of him & his preaching.


  3. I don’t remember the exact name of his original denomination, but he left it sometime in the 1920s over its disapproval of using public transportation on Sunday – even to go to church! I think this was the main spur that led him to the United States.

    Also, he lost an eye during World War I.


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