cool new dashboard

Unexpected revamp of the WordPress dashboard – startling but much more intuitive.

This is a post with null content, just to prove that one post in a week isn’t beyond me, and in a valiant attempt to pretend I’m not, actually, living/breathing/sleeping gruesome statistics. The price you pay is a near-complete numbing of the old mental faculties, but I think I can now actually run an anova in SPSS blindfold and with my mouse hand tied behind my back


2 thoughts on “cool new dashboard

  1. I ended up getting far too familiar with running SPSS anovas awhile ago. You have my sympathy and I recommend good music or podcasts to keep you sane. Hope it’s all going well. Oh, and the wordpress dashboard took me totally by surprise as well.


  2. It’s my second time round :( The whole lot needed to be revised, my last supervisor meeting revealed. Literally from scratch, as in E-Prime outputs. >Weeps<


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