just and no more

I made it onto my train home this morning by dint of a sprint which, shockingly, left me short of breath and wheezing pitifully for a good three quarters of an hour after. Other than teaching me not to rely too much for cachet among six year olds on claims of how fast I could run at their age, it shows that it’s quite right to continue to politely turn down hill walking opportunities and invitations to participate in other insanely strenuous activities. Touch of asthma, better not risk it eh.

Apart from that, on arrival back to my email it transpires that this is the week when I need to decide whereabouts the colon in my thesis title can most strategically be placed. Things are getting interesting.

2 thoughts on “just and no more

  1. There was me expecting something long and solemn on what the Rev Calvin says justification means.

    (had to pull ‘puter out of luggage in the middle of the night to check hand luggage liquid maximum allowance things on the web, and saw the post title)

    Happy week!


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