swept off my feet

You know, some time roughly around the end of 2007, I realised that I needed to make two important changes in my life. I needed to stop spending money, and stop eating so much.

And then I thought: ‘Heeyyyyy!’

Or sort of. Anyway, the weight loss programme has not been measurably successful so far, in part because I have no scales on which to do the measuring, although it is also proving difficult to break the habit of using tea and chocolate biscuits as simultaneously a procrastination method and a source of inspiration.

But these past few days the weather has been amazingly wild and stormy. And today I decided that there are advantages to having a few more pounds on you than strictly necessary. Basically, I was standing on a traffic island with cars sweeping past on every side, and was terrified to realise the wind was so strong I could barely stand my ground. In fact, it’s a good thing it was quite a large traffic island. Friends have been blown along the road by bike today and blown uncontrollably into the middle of a main road. You might expect this kind of treatment in the Outer Hebrides, but down here things are meant to be more civilised.

I ballasted myself with my clunky laptop for the walk home at tea time, just to be on the safe side.

7 thoughts on “swept off my feet

  1. Ok so I just discovered another reason not to talk about personal issues on a blog: apart from the general dullness obviously: instant spam about miraculous weight loss regimes. No debt management offers yet, is my only consolation.


  2. Cath I didn’t think you needed to lose weight (I still don’t think you need to lose weight)! It has been rather horrendous weather lately and definitely horrible for siteseeing! The castle was closed Tuesday so I couldn’t bring mom up there not to mention walk on the royal mile etc…hohum, I suppose we shall try again tomorrow. :) Ev xx


  3. Silversprite, no offence mate, i grew up in Lewis and wild weather only makes me nostalgic :) Being forced to pause mid-stride cos you simply can’t walk against the wind, and arriving utterly bedraggled at the end of a walk from your front door to the car in the driveway, just can’t faze me any more :)

    You have some stunning photos on your blog. Fyi the sunset at the top of this page is from somewhere in Uig a couple of winters ago.

    Ev – you should show your poor mum the photos on Silversprite’s page, so she can believe it isn’t *always* like this over here :)


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