extraordinary apology

So David Milliband has been telling the Commons that the Americans did use British territory in the process of extraordinary renditions. (Report here, eg.)

Everything about extraordinary renditions stinks, and it is hugely disturbing to think that the UK could be involved in any way. (Even if our only role was that our permission didn’t need to be asked before they went ahead and made use of us.)

Claims have also been made that CIA planes have refuelled at UK airports on extraordinary rendition flights – seemingly there’s still “no evidence” that our authorities are aware of to substantiate these allegations, but it remains to be seen whether further US “record errors” are yet to be discovered which will provide the kinds of evidence that people such as Jack Straw and Tony Blair seem to have no access to, or interest in establishing, when they make statements, in parliament, dismissing the very possibility. Either we’re complicit in this barbaric practice, or we’re helplessly incapable of stopping the Americans walk all over us and our laws and international law in the pursuit of – what, brutally extracted information that they can’t even treat as reliable.

Anyway, I’m currently sitting feebly at home with a cold, feeling sorry for myself, and being irked by spam emails offering me “A prosperous future, money earning power, and the Admiration of all” in a fast-track degree programme. My graduation is only a phonecall away!

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