salvation is within

People keep ending up here via the search term ‘salvation is within’ – where does it come from? I did use the phrase (here) – in the context of discussing one of several negative features of a particular school of thought.

People, inwards is the last direction to look for salvation. Nothing inside us but sin, that keeps seeping out into sinful behaviour and actions. Nothing that’s inside us can provide us with salvation or indeed even help us on the way to salvation.

Instead the place to look to is the Saviour, set up by God as the one to fix our attention on. Christ Jesus is exhibited in the scriptures as a Saviour for sinners, who is both able to save and willing to save, and willing and able to save in exactly the way that a sinner needs. Look for him in the scriptures – at the throne of grace – in the preaching of the gospel – in the covenant of grace – but never look inwards, always outwards and to another.

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