ridiculous at the weekend

A woman and a man behind me in the queue at the supermarket this morning struck up an acquaintance based on the shocking fact that they were having to wait in line at the checkouts. Repeatedly, it seemed. Clutching a couple of items each, they shared with each other that they’d “phoned up head office” (and been given a £5 voucher), and “written letters” to express their disgust at the queues in this shop. “It’s just ridiculous in here at the weekends!” they agreed.

If it hadn’t (a) been the basket queue, with all of 4 people ahead of me, with baskets, queuing for 4 separate checkout tills, and (b) been utterly empty all around the shelves, with perhaps one person drifting along each aisle at any given time, they might have had a point.

As it was, they were clearly only there to provide themselves with moan fodder – taking up space in the shop which could have been better spent by people who, perhaps unlike them if I may pass such a judgment based on appearances, actually had no choice but to do their week’s shopping on a Saturday morning. Honestly: people!!


4 thoughts on “ridiculous at the weekend

  1. With you on thi and: finding myself increasingly irritated by such things. “Get a life” is one thought I have -preferably one that recognises what a real tragedy is and how privileged we all are in global terms. It used to be just Americans that were characterised as whining about trivial consumerist glitches, but I think it is probably a western disease caused by the aforementioned lack of wider, global perspectives; lives foreshortened by ‘pleasure, wealth and care’.
    Eeeh, I think I’ve just filled my grumpy old man quota for the week.


  2. Well i was so grumpy about it i blogged about it isntead of doing anything more productive :)

    The woman who got the voucher said it was good but not what she wanted – “you just want to be served when you come in!” … how unrealistic and self-centred is that?! I don’t normally sympathise with supermarkets but it did make me wonder how i would have coped with a complaint like that


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