even the risk of violence

Yet more threats of violence against people who comment on the violence and other undesirable traits of of Islamism.

In an article a few weeks ago, Michael Nazir-Ali (Bishop of Rochester) wrote this:

“One of the results of this [ie of facilitating people living in separate communities without encouraging healthy relationships with the majority] has been to further alienate the young from the nation in which they were growing up and also to turn already separate communities into “no-go” areas where adherence to this ideology has become a mark of acceptability.
Those of a different faith or race may find it difficult to live or work there because of hostility to them and even the risk of violence. In many ways, this is but the other side of the coin to far-Right intimidation. Attempts have been made to impose an “Islamic” character on certain areas, for example, by insisting on artificial amplification for the Adhan, the call to prayer.”

– and has now started receiving death threats.

He also questions the wisdom of seeking to implement sharia law in Britain, noting that sharia-compliant mortgages are already available, but querying “whether the far-reaching implications” (for, I assume, women, non-Muslims, and people who leave Islam particularly) have been considered at all.

The BBC and Telegraph are referring to him as the “no-go bishop”, although he has written many other hard-hitting articles, arguing, for instance, that Islamist rhetoric of victimhood sits uncomfortably with their philosophy of domination, that the respect which Muslims demand from the ‘Christian’ West needs to be reciprocated in Muslim-majority situations such as Pakistan, and that this country’s decades long collapse of Christian morality and spirituality is in no small part responsible for the upsurge in political and radical Islam.

The current death threats, moreover, seem to suggest that the no-go areas where one runs the risk of hostility and even violence for failing to adhere to Islamist ideology can be found pretty much anywhere in the UK, including the homes of Anglican bishops.

Funny to think that it was threats against him and his family that led to him coming to the UK in the first place (“The threats to Dr Nazir-Ali that resulted from this ideological conflict eventually became so unpleasant especially as they were also directed at his children that the young bishop left Pakistan, and settled in Britain,” says the Independent). Fair enough, but if we wanted to relocate to escape political Islam now, where could we go?


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