another year

My New Year thoughts have so far only reached as far as trying to mull over what’s obvious already – that there are multitudes more reasons for thankfulness than complaining, and demonstrations of divine goodness in the past year should be more than ample corroborations of scriptural offers of grace and promises of continued mercy into the future. (As advice, that’s for free, but if I’m frank it’s more of a resolution: I need to think this more.)

Meanwhile we’re now just past the first anniversary of this blog’s WordPress incarnation. That means slightly over two years of blogging in total – which is surprising only in the sense that I started without much of a thought for the long-term prospects, since I’ve always had too much spare thoughts in my head which clearly need an outlet somewhere.

Coming up in January: a suicidal walk on eggshells as I lightheartedly blog about the reasons for the Separate Position of the two most important presbyterian denominations on the contemporary Scottish scene. (To me, that is, not necessarily in absolute terms.)

Not to be outdone by: my future adventures with my new and soon to be trusty slow cooker, which I intend to relate here for general delectation and in the hope that it will give less grounds for lynching, excommunication, and/or a sudden lack of friends than does broaching the above subject.

Happy New Year to you all :)


2 thoughts on “another year

  1. I was going to put “We’ll be here with extra pitchforks in case you chaps run out”, but Boeciana says that would be too frivolous. :D


  2. Aye there’s been a creeping increase in outright frivolity here of late – a whole joke in both November and December – and it really should be put a stop to.


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