how can they not tell?

Without wanting to sound unappreciative of the ever-growing amount of spam that Akismet catches for me, surely there must be ways of filtering out things like this:


They go on for multiple screens and are longer than the posts that even I write and consist of nothing but hyperlinks: and are annoying to keep deleting.

4 thoughts on “how can they not tell?

  1. Screenshots are a must for getting graphics out of Praat, every phonetician’s indispensible acoustic analysis tool (it does have ways of producing images which don’t rely on poxy screenshots but it’s too complicated for most people i know – indispensible, but far from userfriendly)


  2. Uh… I’m guessing that this *is* the filtered spam!

    But there’s actually no neccessity to scroll through them (and I can fully agree with you, that is an unpleasant task!) – there is a “delete all” button at the top.

    It’s a sliding scale the same as any system (eg: trying to catch/judge offenders) between balancing wanting the smallest number of false positives and the smallest number of false negatives. Any anti-spam system can only give a “best guess”.

    So, to defend my fellow-geek, I understand why the Akismet option is there: for anyone concerned about false positives, they have the option of checking for/retrieving them.

    But if you don’t mind running the risk of just perhaps loosing a real message in Akismet (and I think I’ve only ever once found one), then there’s no need to pay any attention to it at all.

    :-) *has almost never been bothered by spam, because she has almost never seen it*


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