my tidy desk

Yesterday’s achievement:

That was after I didn’t reach the office till midday, discovered someone had polished off my milk that was in the fridge and binned the carton (again! thankyou, whoever you are), and was forced to acknowledge I wouldn’t get everything finished that I’d wanted before the end of semester.

Meanwhile, Tony Blair has announced his conversion to Catholicism – it’s not a surprise, but it will be interesting to see if it’s any more genuine, any less of a dissembling play-act, than anything else he’s done in the past decade or so.

In other news, I caught Any Questions on Radio 4 this lunchtime and was impressed with the performance of Dominic Grieve and Lib Dem Sarah Turner on the question of the national identity register. In the light of the recent multiple data loss fiascos, the government minister’s line was simply that ‘mistakes happen’ – ‘you can’t legislate against human error’ and there was no question of going back on the ID scheme. Both Grieve and Turner pointed out that since this is so – for this very reason – the national identity database is indefensible. In case I don’t get round to posting about it specifically, I might as well mention that I did eventually get a lengthy letter back from Alistair Darling in reply to my queries about how the government could assure us that our data would be in safe hands, given their carelessness with the child benefit data (rhetorical queries, obviously) – but he did the same thing as the minister on Any Questions, and simply recited the potential benefits, as he saw them, from having this scheme in place – failing to offer any suggestions about safeguards, failing to address the civil liberties case, and in general, failing to show how the government’s data-grab (with which it will be compulsory to comply) can be seen as anything better than an officially sanctioned kind of identity theft.

“This data disaster shows up the madness behind the government’s ID schemes. People had no choice about giving up that information. It makes the government the biggest identity thief of all.” (No2ID)

3 thoughts on “my tidy desk

  1. This is being written from my very quiet home on Christmas Day. I’d like to wish you, the hard-working Cath, a very Merry Christmas (not “Happy Holidays,” as the thought police would have it!) and a very cheerful and productive (both materially and spiritually) Happy New Year! May God, in Christ, continue to bless you and to keep you – so that you will have the energy for another year of interesting blogging!


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