Obviously there are lots of important things I could be mentioning right now – defining consent in Scottish rape cases (linking from the BBC page so you avoid the outrageousness of the comments in the Scotsman, the release of a couple more men from Guantanamo, that sort of thing.

But I’m just back from Oxfam, where I nipped in to buy some Christmas seasonal greetings cards, and quite frankly I’m amazed. Two people were trying to steal stuff! From the Oxfam shop!

Can you believe that?

3 thoughts on “incredible

  1. It happens all the time in charity shops. I know when I have worked in them I have always been told to keep my eye out for these things. I know it sounds amazing but to them a shop is a shop.

    It saddens me though.



  2. Looking at that first article, I think it’s a good thing that they are thinking seriously about what counts as consent. It is still shocking that they have to spell it out to the public that being unconcious is not consenting and that male rape is also possible and a crime. I think it’s really encouraging that finally our institutions are taking these crimes seriously.

    I am still horrifed by Guantanamo but glad to see that people are being released. Oh, and stealing from a charity shop is pretty low, but as SPQ says I think people just don’t think about these things.

    Take care.



  3. Yes, it seems that consent never has been legally defined in Scots law, but the tone of the report is very encouraging. Shame it’s been reported the way it has – the Scotsman’s front page headline today was “New ways for a woman to say no,” but when you look at the list, it seems that these are not new ways of saying no to *anything at all* (eg, ‘if they consented under threat of violence’). The Herald isn’t much better.


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