what price integrity

Looking at the BBC Have Your Say page is never a good way to brighten up anyone’s morning, but I have to say that all these calls for a General Election in the wake of the latest funding row seem pretty pointless.

Suppose a General Election was called next week – who could you reliably vote for, who would be any better?

Take David Cameron’s soundbite comment about how ‘there comes a time in the life of any government when it slips over from complacency into arrogance…’ – it allows him to quite rightly criticise the current government for their appalling indifference to the law, but at the same time it conveniently lets sleazy Tory governments of the past off the hook, by implying it’s simply inevitable that governments end up like this. Is he seriously suggesting that the solution to corrupt government is as easy as building in a mechanism for frequent regular changes of administration? I think not.

The problem is not with government per se, nor the length of time any particular party holds office, but with the character and calibre of the individual people in these positions. The obsession with presentation, style, spin, etc has always been an indication of a deeply disappointing superficiality, and this newly exposed cavalier attitude towards not just the electorate but also the law is just an alternative manifestation of the fundamental problem that for far too many of our politicians, where we should be able to expect principles and integrity and respectability there’s nothing but a great big vacuum.

Be interesting to see who wins the Lib Dem leadership election.

3 thoughts on “what price integrity

  1. I am always disappointed whenever I listen to any kind of parliamentary debate. It’s when they’re all jeering and making snide remarks and then it dawns on you that these people are running the country. I don’t know whether any of them do actually have any real interest or awareness of the job they are supposed to be doing…


  2. Ie, remembering they WORK FOR us :)

    The peculiarities of Westminster debating traditions would be much easier to tolerate if any of them were able to demonstrate (consistently) that they had any sort of regard for… well, honesty ideally… but even just commitment to a serious set of political principles would do.


  3. Good point, well made!

    *wonders what they think of her suggestion that her new R&D manager should have integrity, among other things*

    *is naive enough to want to have high hopes* :-P


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