Gregory’s reference checker

I’ve just tried out this amazing reference checker which was recommended to me last week:

Gregory’s reference checker

It’s an online tool which compares the citations in your document to your list of references, and highlights the mismatches. I ran my incomplete discussion chapter through it a wee minute ago and it has given me:

  • zillions of refs in the bibliography which aren’t cited in the text, which is fine, since it’s the bibliography for the whole thing
  • a shocking number of citations in the text which aren’t listed in the bibliography
  • some “things that appear to be dates but not citations”, which is reassuring and correct in two out of three instances
  • for extra coolness, the number of times each reference is cited in the text

I can’t tell you how excited I am, considering that the other alternative was going to be to bribe a friend or family member to check this stuff manually. Packages like Reference Manager and EndNote make you input all the references that you’re using or going to use before they’ll work for you – this is revolutionising my writing already, and I only just looked it up 10 min ago :)


3 thoughts on “Gregory’s reference checker

  1. It took (so it said) .70 sec to scan my 20,000-odd word document and list of a couple of hundred references and the output was highly accurate. I’m still exceptionally grateful for the tip-off. Spread the word! :)


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