it can wait

The post which I’m in the middle of writing has been struck by the problem



and which is still unresolved – that when you write posts while using Opera, for some reason it messes up the line breaks (and seemingly it can’t be fixed manually). Since the reason I’m using Opera at the moment is because I can’t get Firefox to work, this is all getting slightly annoying. (For some reason Firefox won’t even load up for me; it shows up in the Task Manager, not in the Applications bit but in Processes, but clicking ‘End Process’ doesn’t get rid of it. I googled for this problem on Friday and got nowhere, so if anyone has any inspired suggestions for dealing with it, that would be great.) (It’s not a firewall issue as far as I can see.)

Anyway, this moan was meant to be about Opera. And all I wanted to say was that the post that I’d intended to post tonight I’ll be holding over till Monday, when I’ll hopefully have more time and patience to deal with it. Right now, I have weekend guests to deal with instead :)


5 thoughts on “it can wait

  1. Do you have more than one firefox.exe listed in the Task Manager processes? Sometimes an old one can hang around and stop new ones starting up. Kill them all.

    If you reboot your PC, does Firefox start OK after that?


  2. I can’t seem to kill it but. Ie yes there are sometimes more than one listed but there’s always one that just won’t die. The problem *seemed* to start after I had one of those MS updates that automatically restart your machine. I’ve restarted again since that and it hasn’t seemed to change anything. Plus, there was a powercut mid-morning, just when i’d started (a) reading about poison ivy horrors on the mozilla page and (b) composing an email cry for help to our friendly departmental tech support, and i’ve only just been able to access the internet again 10 min ago. So I am now planning to sleep on it. And am still using Opera. And still haven’t got marking off my hands. So promised blog can wait again :S


  3. Well the second rule must be, “then switch it off and back on again“! cos i staunchly maintain that i definitely tried that. Anyway i can only apologise that i hadn’t yet de-stressed after the marking, and replied prior to the excitement of the reference checker discovery, otherwise i would undoubtedly have sounded more appreciative of your suggestion that saved the day :)


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