Time for another attempt at photography, I feel.

The sun shining through the office window produced a beautiful image high up on one of our walls yesterday, giving me the chance to take a wobbly picture with my new phone (it’s meant to have autofocus but I haven’t fully mastered the technique yet).


You can just about see how one of the higher panes still has old glass in it that makes it shimmer and there’s a wintry tree with spindly bare branches at the bottom.

Well, at least now you know what colour our walls are painted.

2 thoughts on “shadow

  1. between the ages of eight and 15 I lived in a flat with windows I don’t know how old (though i doubt they were contemporary with the C18 building) – lying in bed I could see the slates of the neighbour’s roof. I used to make them “swim” by moving my head – the glass had run so much that everything through the windows was wiggly.


  2. I saw a plane out of a wiggly glass window once and it looked like a dolphin leaping around in the sky! It gave me a few moments of amusement as I swotted for (i think) junior honours exams, back in the day.


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