unbeatable service

I’m proud to say that I did some time ago make my own discovery of a homographic homophonic autantonym, not that I knew what to call it admittedly, to add to the collection growing in the Language Log archives.

It was in fact a slogan on the side of a removals van, spotted from a bus and puzzled over occasionally since:

We drop everything for you!

Which might, or might not, be an attractive proclamation, depending on how you read it.


One thought on “unbeatable service

  1. Afterthought – it’s not really homophonic is it – the meanings can be distinguished prosodically.

    A bit like my toy factories, where i’ve been claiming that it’s not so much that these examples are disambiguated by prosody but that they’re ambiguated in print. There is a ref for this in the literature but i can’t remember who off the top of my head.


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