we need to care

Just finished watching Taking Liberties on DVD. It was as shocking as I’d expected and brilliantly presented. Like the book, which I read several months ago, it made all its points robustly and inescapably while still somehow remaining accessible (and funny) to people who perhaps wouldn’t ordinarily think they care very much about civil liberties issues. You should either read the book or watch the movie or preferably both, if you possibly can. (Yes, I can lend either. But you’ll have to wait your turn.)

Apart from the odd rant about ID cards I know I’ve gone quiet about these issues recently, but obviously it’s all still hugely important. And as we established in our post-viewing discussion, the protesters who get denied the right to protest might not be protesting on an issue that you can even think of without scoffing about, but that doesn’t mean that they deserve to have their rights overridden for the sake of political convenience (because we can’t think of their rights without recognising that they’re our rights as well).

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