delusions of what?

I listened to a bit of Any Questions this lunchtime as I willed a bit of frozen soup to thaw out and was intrigued to hear one of the panel members talking about (someone else) having “delusions of grandiloquence.” I think she meant grandeur, since grandiloquence just refers to a pompous style of speaking, and the accusation was much more general than that (- and if you really had delusions of pomposity that might well be more of a compliment than something to blame you for anyway). Did you know that if you show the printed words “caterpillar” and “cat” to preschoolers and ask them which one refers to a cat, they’ll pick the one that looks bigger on paper, since a caterpillar is just a little thing compared to a cat. That’s what it reminded me of, but I am aware that my attention is in developmental overdrive at the moment.

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