on (the) bus

Any time I sit downstairs on the bus, I am vaguely disturbed by the sign behind the driver’s head. Should it be:

(1) We will press for prosecution of anyone who attacks our staff.


(2) We will press for the prosecution of anyone who attacks our staff.

Please help.


4 thoughts on “on (the) bus

  1. The definite article was left out probably to save space on the sign, since I assume the words are sized to just fit the sign. Also, the fewer words, the less expense.

    Publishers do the same thing, only with punctuation. Publishers eliminate as much punctuation as possible when setting a book in type. The more words they can cram onto a page, the fewer pages are needed, and the less the book costs to print. Have you ever noticed that you get just the bare minimum of punctuation in a book?


  2. Argh!! The! The! The!

    The other one just makes me cry. Good job I’m too poor to be able to afford getting the bus around Edinburgh!


  3. I’m so glad there are people out there who understand.

    What makes it particularly annoying is that the previous sentence says: “Our staff have the right to work without the fear of assault.”

    I assume it’s not just me that would prefer “without fear of assault.”


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