role sharing

Who writes these things? Here’s the Code of Practice for research students and their supervisors:

“The principal supervisor … is the person primarily responsible for giving the research student help and advice to obtain good training in research, choosing a topic of appropriate scope and significance, organising the research, composing a thesis that meets the University’s specifications, and submitting it in due time.”

So according to the Code of Practice, it’s not me but my my supervisor who is technically responsible for everything from choosing my topic to composing my thesis to submitting it.

Obviously what they meant to say was something like,

“the supervisor is responsible for giving the student advice on how to: obtain good training, choose a topic, organise the research, compose a thesis …”

but that’s not what it says.

There is a big box on the first page which states that “this Code of Practice sets down guidelines on good practice … It does not in itself constitute or in anyway supersede the University’s rules and regulations …”

Hopefully whoever draws up the actual rules and regulations has a slightly better eye for the implications of their syntax than this.

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