the voice of experience from 1878

Noticed this pithy remark by RL Stevenson quoted in Saturday’s paper, still sitting on the table when I had my breakfast this morning.

“The most patient people grow weary at last with being continually wetted with rain; except, of course, in the Scottish Highlands, where there are not enough fine intervals to point the difference.”


One thought on “the voice of experience from 1878

  1. “Children played on the decks, as heedless of the rain as if they had been brought up on Loch Carron side. ” Stevenson, An Inland Voyage.

    “A Highlander will sit a whole day in wet shoes, and sometimes in wet cloaths”. “Every thing almost is reckoned a sign of rain. If there be a warm or hot day, we shall soon have rain; if a crow begin to chatter, she is calling for rain; if the clouds be heavy, or if there be a mist upon the top of the hills, we shall see rain. In a word, a Highlander may make any thing a sign of rain, there is no danger he shall fail in his prognostication”. Lachlan Mackenzie, “Parish of Lochcarron”, in the Statistical Account of Scotland.

    ……….. comment submitted by a former Lochcarron resident, who, like Lachlan Mackenzie, was not born in that climate! One year we saw nearly 8 *feet* of rain :-( We also had some lovely sunny periods (occasionally). And no, I’m not complaining about God’s gift of the weather, to some extent people choose where they live (and its accompanying weather).


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