arithmetic failure

On getting change from £2 when my milk etc cost £1.75 this morning, I was actually surprised to get 25p back. Thought I’d been given 10p too much. Please don’t tell my mum, she already thinks my addition and subtraction skills are truly pathetic. This is at least partly the reason why I never feel safe going into a shop to pay with cash unless I have paper money on me as a backup.

Okay, I will write something of substance here sometime soon, I promise. In the meantime, you could perhaps have a look at what other people are saying.


One thought on “arithmetic failure

  1. Perhaps this is because of years of conditioning in the family business but for some reason I get really annoyed with checkout people that just take your money and dump the change back into your hand in a big pile. I was always taught to count it back into the customer’s hand so if you’d paid for your milk with a fiver this morning you’d get “£1.80, £1.90, £2, 3, 4, 5, thank you very much…smile“. That way there’s very little doubt about the correctness of the change. I expect it’s not done these days because no-one can actually do arithmetic any more.

    Having said that, when shopping at the Scotmid on St. John’s Road I’d happily settle for just the “thank you” part of that instead of the usual grunt coupled with a minging waft of the Body Odour of Doom… :-(


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