pizza boxes

What kind of person throws their used pizza boxes out the window into the back garden?

For several weeks on end last summer, various items of household rubbish kept appearing in our patch of the back garden. We eventually realised, through serendipitously happening to be looking out the window when it happened, that our neighbours across the hall had just been flinging them out – from the third floor – we spotted a hand and a box, followed by the box flying through the air and plopping onto the grass many feet below. Pizza boxes, cereal packets, and eventually and incomprehensibly, a blue plastic swing bin itself. Mate, you don’t throw your bin out the window, you use a bin bag and c a r r y it down the stairs when it gets full.

Anyway, that lot moved out, to general relief as they had been anything but desirable neighbours, but to my horror this morning the disgusting pattern of four pizza boxes accompanied this time by a bulging black bin liner has manifested itself again. Not, thankfully, in our patch of the garden, but a couple of doors down. What disgusting people live on my street! I suppose it’s only a pity that the CCTV cameras aren’t pointed at the back garden instead of our front windows.

7 thoughts on “pizza boxes

  1. Hopefully it’s not this kind you mean. That could smart a bit if it hit you on the head (but at least you’d have the consolation of having some eBay-able electronic spare parts to supplement your PhD funding).


  2. Sheena, yeah, one horrific repeat-incident of a similar nature was what eventually really incentivised our stair to fix the lock … :(

    Grant, that was waay before my time, i had to look that up to even realise they existed :) I remember big floppy disks tho, probably the 5.25 inch ones judging by Wikipedia :)


  3. OK, here goes – am I really about to argue with someone who is soon to have a PhD in “wordy stuff”? I am either very brave or very stupid (or that bottle of Peroni I had with my tea was stronger than I thought)…

    It was even way-er before my time…

    For some reason that bothers me less than Cath’s use of “incentivise”. I’m preparing myself for a vigourous and thorough correction along the lines of “the etymology suggests Medieval origins for this word” but I’m guessing that the irritating habit of inappropriate “transitive verbising” ;-) started in the USA sometime in the 1970s. Maybe I’m just more sensitive to this sort of thing after having spent most of the week on the phone to Americans? I just don’t think I’m cut out for the corporate world and all the nonsensical jargon that goes along with it. That felio-chimpoid veterinary specialist job is looking more inviting all the time :-)

    And don’t get me started on the missing preposition in the second line of this! I suppose because it’s art, anything goes?

    Anyway, sorry about that – I hadn’t intended to have a mini-rant :oops: but I think I would prefer “motivated” instead of “incentivised” (and at least it wasn’t spelt with a “zee”)…

    By the way, my all-time most-detested variant of this is here. Gah!


  4. Uh-oh, massive common sense versus academic principle conflict coming up. I only have two options, this is very tough.

    1) Sorry sorry sorry :cry: It was a complete failure of lexical access, what can I say

    2) Waaahh! Get off my blog you Prescriptivist you!!!


  5. We have that problem all the time in ‘Junkie Towers’. We have needles all over the grass and you never quite know what is going to get flung out of the windows so now I don’t go and sit on the grass anymore.

    The joys of social housing LOL.

    Maybe Grant should apply for a pad himself?

    Just a thought.

    But Pizza Boxes are nothing. At least you can make them into sculpture of an edifying quantity. Why don’t you make an epitaph of Knox or Calvin out of the boxes and put in in the garden (‘aint that such a genius thought. Ya see caffeine = brain cells!). You could make a guy fawkes and put tesco on the top – but make sure the fawkes is morbidly obese if you’re going to do the Tesco thing ;).

    And then you could toast marshmallows on it:).

    Yep. No worries about your PB prob. I can fix it. – but I’m not down till Xmas so you’ll have to get your siblings to aid!


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