all tingly

After the last amusing misspelling of my name (which seems to have resulted in me not receiving four of the promised six free installments of the magazine in question), I seem to have developed a problem with voicing in word-initial stops. I was booking some tickets over the phone last night and when the email confirmation arrived, my name which I’d said at least twice and spelled out, with a D, at least once, arrived all made out to a T.

Meanwhile, apropos of absolutely nothing, this was the depressing sight which confronted me on the way to the office this morning. I estimate that this summer I have spent a total of three hours and seventeen minutes in sunshine, and a fortune on umbrellas.


8 thoughts on “all tingly

  1. :D

    Did you see it that time a couple of weeks ago when it was even more massive? When I was coming along in the opposite direction this guy on a bike overtook me – he looked a bit discombobulated and had to do this deeply undignified thing of holding up his feet off the pedals and sailing through all in one go :)


  2. It’s a brilliant word! :) I first heard it from my history teacher in high school who made the horrible strategic mistake of using it once in attempting to give the class a blasting – it only made us laugh :-|

    (I don’t normally make fun of cyclists btw :) )


  3. (I don’t normally make fun of cyclists btw :) )

    You should do it more often. My daily ride to work has taught me that a sizeable majority of us need a good ribbing now & again – as long as it’s within the bounds of acceptable, reverent and inoffensive humour of course ;-)


  4. Yeah, you’re allowed tho cos you are one :) I normally just watch in awe at their death-defying courage … doesn’t your route to work involve at least one place where the cycle path just suddenly … stops! and leaves you at the mercy of horrible lorries etc?


  5. Thanks for the link Cath. I’m enjoying the Mr. T stuff :-)

    Cycle path? That would be nice. I’m twenty minutes into my commute before there’s even a sniff of a path and then it only lasts for five minutes :-(


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