new pm

I have to confess I have high hopes of Gordon Brown as Prime Minister.

At any rate, I’m entertaining some hope, in contrast to the sheer dismay which I still poignantly remember from 1997, when I could not believe the size of the victory that the much younger but even then blatantly superficial Blair had won for New Labour.

Even if Brown has scowled his way through the last several years at Blair’s side, who can really blame him – Blair’s notorious, and shameless, posturing and dissembling is enough to make anyone glower, especially someone who by all accounts is much more intelligent than Blair and seems to have a few more personal qualities to his name than Blair’s, er, single talent of being quite photogenic. For a politician.

At any rate, if the choice was between dour Gordon and dippy David Cameron, I don’t think I’d have much trouble deciding.

2 thoughts on “new pm

  1. It will be interesting to see what rabbits he pulls out of his hat in the coming weeks. David informed me that part of the reason for his ‘dour’ look is due to a serious head injury he recieved as a young man that badly damaged some facial nerves.

    I have to confess that I didn’t share your dismay in 1997, I was a one of several nurses on nightshift watching a small television in the middle of a ward in Ninewells Hospital, all were exstatic to see the swingometer move from blue to red. Following that election nurses got a massive pay rise, up to 10% for some if I remember correctly. Sadly the pay is still lagging behind and they never followed it up and attempted to close the gap.

    Ok, rant over. I’m not a nurse anymore anyway, but I do benfit from the tax credits now, I guess that’s a Brown inovation rathter than a Blair one.


  2. Yeah, lots of my friends tell me they were literally jumping for joy that night! I can’t say I was sorry the sleazy corrupt Tories got a kicking either! :)

    But then it was one disillusionment after another – starting with the shock introduction of tuition fees and the Bernie Eccleston affair, and other scandals & disasters too many to mention :(

    Gordon Brown is apparently completely blind in one eye after that head injury! and only partially sighted in the other i think. It would be a bonus if he could even restore a bit of gravitas to the office of pm – altho I am trying to keep my optimism in check, because there are so many conflicting reports of his views on things like civil liberties and european integration – he could just turn out to be a grim maniac where TB was a grinning one ! And I’m just off to link to a blog post citing his poor track record on pro-life issues :( Need to pray …


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