just a blether

General life update:

  • upon flooding the people downstairs by means of the leak in the cistern we called the plumber and got the bathroom into a useable state again; we now no longer need to arm ourselves with a screwdriver before embarking on a visit to the wee room and can all now flush to our heart’s content
  • upon discovering nibbled sections of a loaf of bread and in the industrial size bag of muesli purchased by one of the more health-conscious inhabitants of the flat, we have declared war on mice, are laying traps, and have embargoed the leaving of all foodstuffs on the kitchen surfaces
  • upon browsing through the Oxford English Dictionary for a technical term, it was discovered that an old word for cerebellum was actually brainlet. Isn’t that somehow very quaint and lovely?

You can tell this is just a place-filler considering I haven’t been around here for about a week: normal service will resume shortly I hope.

4 thoughts on “just a blether

  1. I could lend you my cat. She’s a good mouser, but a rodent cadaver in less-than-pristine condition and kitchen floor/cupboard doors with lots of red on them is probably not what you had in mind… That’s what greeted me this morning – not a good start to the day!



  2. Eeewwwwww, that is truly gruesome!! :(

    Although, in the latest development, yesterday we found some more mouse poo … in the Weetabix, along with a half eaten weetabix.

    We’ve invested in more traps.


  3. I lived in a flat where we had to switch off one of the circuits, with power to two of the four rooms because otherwise every time the upstairs neighbour touched her taps she got an electric shock. This led me to use one of the few useful things I learned at secondary school other than Latin: how to wire a plug: it being cheaper to buy various bits and a looooong piece of cable than to buy an extension of any length, and I being very poor at the time.

    (somewhat random first comment, no? You must be some academic chum of Boeciana’s. I am a not-so-academic chum of hers.)


  4. Kinda academic i guess! Altho perhaps more accurately in would-be activism with good intentions :-)

    My flat before last kept giving us electric shocks when we turned on the bathroom switch… sometimes. It was such fun. Altho it never crossed our minds that downstairs might have been to blame actually.


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