dingles, leeks, etc

Upon leaving the office the other day after a hard day’s slog (you know, reading and stuff), I stopped to buy veg, loo roll, other essentials on the way home. An inordinate amount of time was spent at the till, partly due to the barcode on one of my chocolate essentials being so hard to find, but partly also because the guy at the till needed to ask me the name of the veg I was buying so he could find the code for it. It was only a couple of leeks.

Not to worry – hand over the cash and get out of there – after all, who am I to judge, not knowing my star anise from my guava, and as for the renowned jerusalem artichoke …

Only for a parcel to be waiting for me back at the flat, addressed to, er, Ms C Dingle, and containing the first of a free six-series trial subscription to, of all things, the New Internationalist. Can’t wait to hang up the Peters world map and get into the No Nonsense Guide to International Development.


3 thoughts on “dingles, leeks, etc

  1. Sounds like when we had a Somerfield in Dingwall. They usually had to call out a supervisor when they couldn’t find something on their computer. Lidl still do that sort of thing, I guess. Never encountered it in Tesco.

    So, are you becoming a trendy leftie, or is that just your Dingle alter ego? I did buy a couple of issues of NI myself once.

    Best wishes



  2. Your blog requires me to keep a pen to hand so that I can write down the quoteables, usually something from the lovely spiritual forefathers, but occasionally something as wonderful as “brainlet” or in this case “chocolate essentials.” You are a precious wordsmith.


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