loving mercy

This is from one of Robert Traill’s discourses on the throne of grace.

“He that has obtained special mercy has a love to it, and to the giver of it, and to the way God gives it, and [to the way] in which he receives it.

He that is a lover of God’s mercy in Christ, is an obtainer of it. A natural man may have a liking of God’s mercy in general: but mercy as from God through Jesus Christ – mercy shown on the account of a full satisfaction made to justice in and by his blood – mercy given freely to glorious ends and purposes: every natural man seeth no glory, no goodness, no beauty in it.

But every obtainer of it doth admire every thing in it. ‘It is rich mercy,’ saith he; ‘it flows from a blessed fountain, free love; it runs in a blessed channel, the redemption of Jesus; it comes to me in a well-ordered covenant; and it was shown me for his praise in my salvation from sin and misery.'”

(Sermon 7 in Volume 1 of the Banner of Truth edition of Traill’s works, p134)


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