a field of 23

I don’t think I spoiled my paper.

I came closer than I ever have yet to spoiling it deliberately, but decided against in the end.

But maybe I’m just another statistic in that hundred and fifty thousand people who were confused enough to mess up their papers.

Unlike most of the commenters on the BBC’s Have Your Say, I don’t find that remotely surprising or blameworthy. The candidate list is as long as your arm, there are three separate places to mark, and you have to use two different methods of making your choice.

Seems a bit of a fiasco?

5 thoughts on “a field of 23

  1. I was quite disturbed to see just how much difference a recount could make.
    If this level of incompetence was reproduced across the country, then presumably it was not just the spoiling of ballot papers that makes this election a farce.

    Having said that, I think the result as announced is quite a good one. Labour lost their monopoly on power, with the SNP gaining what I believe is called a “Pyrrhic victory”! Not that it will make for a strong government, but if the choice is between Labour and the SNP I wouldn’t particularly want either of them to lead a strong government. They will have to rely on consensus.


  2. I agree – I’m not surprised there’s been talk of legal challenges – it was a complete farce. It was not only disgraceful that the system was so confusing (I’m not saying complex, but I’m definitely saying confusing!) , but the actual counting procedure obviously left a lot to be desired.

    And yes, Labour deserved to lose. By a lot worse, but never mind. It was also interesting that the smaller parties somehow lost out quite dramatically – no socialists! neither Tommy Sheridan nor Colin Fox! and only 2 Greens. Oh, and no Scottish Christian Party wins either, but maybe that’s a discussion for another day.

    It’s going to be *very* interesting watching them try to reach consensus. Even choosing the presiding officer is going to have unwelcome consequences for most if not all of them!


  3. Hi there, a quick post before I head for pastures bluer.
    As was ably pointed out by the private eye, in Florida, a state with nearly 4 times the population of Scotland* 180,000 accidentally spoiled votes calls the election into question, and yet in Scotland an election with nearly 150,000 (probably) accidentally spoiled votes, nothing happens.

    *after 20-or-so seconds of browsing, i couldn’t come up with the statistics for how many people actually voted in either place.

    Anyway, got to go, I’ve got a plane to catch early in the morning!


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