can’t have visitors

I spoke too soon.

Yes, the washing machine works, and yes, we can enjoy the civilisedness of a well brewed pot of tea, but regrettably, the cistern in the toilet has now sprung a leak. So to speak.

This being a room measuring all of three feet by four feet, approximately, the prospect of workmen needing access is not one to be relished. Indeed we are improvising with a jug to catch the drips, seeing as how neither a bucket nor basin would actually fit.

On the bright side, although the sitting room light fused when we came back home this evening, we were able to luxuriate in the fact that the electricians came round a couple of weeks ago and fitted a circuit breaker – so no more messing around with fuse wire. (The electricians did take an astounding six hours to complete this job, but since I dignifiedly refrained from moaning about it here at the time, I think we may as well let it slip now.)

As they say, it never rains . . .

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