samples of uk accents

A link to this site went round the Language List the other day – a mini selection of accents of English from different regions in the UK, made available by the British Library at:  Sounds familiar?

It’s perhaps slightly disappointing that the speaker representing Edinburgh’s Morningside accent is none other than Sir Malcolm Rifkind – who undoubtedly has an idiolect which is just as interesting and valuable as anyone else’s, but unlike the rest of the (couple of) recordings I’ve listened to, he’s obviously well used to speaking professionally and being recorded speaking. Somehow it’s not quite as authentic as an Aberdeenshire fisherman talking about the Great War and a Sgitheanach discussing shinty, or but that would be my only quibble.

In fact it looks like a brilliant resource – non-judgemental about language change through time, or about differences based on region, ethnicity, or age – you get a good five minutes of speech for each speaker, from what I’ve seen so far anyway, and the recording quality is excellent.

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