as a symbol of inferiority

So it wasn’t just me that was bothered by the hijab in the pictures of the only woman among the 15 Navy personnel captured by Iran. (I know they’ve all been released now, but late news is one of my specialities.)

A short analysis article by Barnabas says:

Forcing Faye [Leading Seaman Faye Turney] to wear the Islamic head covering enforces the Iranian Mullah regime’s Islamic ideology of male domination and female subordination in the face of Western values of gender equality. In most Muslim countries including Iran, women still suffer from second rate status, unfair treatment and legal handicaps. Muslim cultures are still predominantly patriarchal and misogynist, and family honour is still a burden mainly women have to bear. In Iran women are still forced to wear the all-covering black chador in public as a symbol of their inferiority.

Forcing Faye to wear the hijab also has a political aspect of humiliating Britain and asserting Iran’s independence from any moral constrains in its fight against non-Muslim regimes. It also serves to identify and display the enemy as weak and subject to Islamic authority to Iran’s own population.

They also make this point about people who assert the right to wear the hijab in Britain:

… this affair raises the issue of British Muslim women calling for the wearing of the hijab as a free choice for Muslim women in the UK to display their Islamic identity, stressing its supposedly liberating aspects. However this case shows that the core principle of the Islamic hijab is the enforcement of the Shari’a-sanctioned subordination of women to men.

The full article is available here.

One thought on “as a symbol of inferiority

  1. Now that you have – rightly – drawn my attention to this, I will also be bothered.

    So much for freedom of choice, and not-imposing one’s religion on others. Not that Islam actually subscribes to these principles (as far as I know) but they like to convince us that everythings ‘fair’ and ‘equal’ here in the uk.

    Yeah, right!

    And, that’s not even getting into the politics of the situation…

    *takes deep breath and counts to 10*

    *is still angry*

    Barnabas put it far more satisfactorily than I ever could, so I guess I have no more to add other than “Hear, hear!”


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