boiled eggs at midnight

The menu options should improve once the house husband returns from his gallivants, but meanwhile, if you were wondering how I was doing, the title tells you basically as much as you need to know about my current hours and diet.

On the plus side though, I have learned that when you try to insert soundfiles into PowerPoint, it embeds them automatically unless they’re bigger than 100KB – then it just links to them. Which must be sooo handy, for all those occasions when you want to give a talk and present little samples of tiny files. Why does nobody tell you these things in advance? Why don’t you get a warning message when the file you think you’re inserting is actually in excess of the measly limit? It’s not like you can even edit the sound object once you’ve inserted it – you’ve got to change your settings for everything, then reinsert all the sound files. A warning message could hardly be any more annoying than the query about whether you want each and every single file to play automatically versus only when you click on it, after all.

(Just for completeness, if you wanted to fix it, it’s actually not that hard. Go to Tools, then Options, then click on the General tab, and put a more realistic value in the box called ‘Link sounds with file size greater than’; apparently the maximum is 50,000, so that’s what I’ve used. Easy when you know how.)

Apart from that, deadlines are fun at the moment, and travel arrangements don’t get any cheaper the longer you forget about booking things, and there are still mice in the office for company when you’re working after hours.

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