Yes, today I not only dusted but hoovered. Ah, the luxury of not spending Saturdays doing work.

On the blog, I created a new page – something you can do in WordPress, unlike Blogger (tip: move to WordPress).

The new page is for talking about the books I’ve been reading. It’s currently fairly empty, but I promise to keep thinking about adding to it.

2 thoughts on “housekeeping

  1. Lol… love your tip!

    Tho’ I must admit to spending the last wee while coding up my own version of Bloggers “profile” box. Now that I have done so, I much prefer my alternative tho’ ;-) (Which, incidentally is also made possible by WordPress functionality.. dunno if Blogger has an equivalent.)


  2. Yes, even though i have no clue at all how to do it, i love the fact that it *is* possible to change anything you like in WordPress! With Blogger it’s a nightmare to even add links down the side – i mean you had to locate the place in the code for the page and use html to format it yourself. I didn’t mind doing it as such, but if you weren’t familiar with how to do it it would be horrible (and time consuming)

    i have to go and look at your profile sometime!


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