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Since it fits so well with the other stuff I’ve been linking to here recently, I’m more than happy to provide this link all over again. Back in December 2005 I referenced an article by Kate Smurthwaite on the BBC site titled, ‘What are lad mags doing to us?‘ and wondered aloud whether the author had a blog of her own.

Turns out she does – here, so go and have a look around. Quotes from the article itself:

Lad mags like to give the impression that women are desperate to slip between their covers, with pages of readers’ photos, many said to have been sent in by the women themselves.
And one magazine runs a “Street Strip Challenge”, asking passers-by to pose in their pants. The message is clear – normal women know it’s just a cheeky bit of fun, and if you don’t think so, you’re prudish.

Sure, if I don’t like them, I don’t have to read them. But they are impossible to avoid – at newsagents, on flights, trains and in the doctor’s waiting room.

These magazines should be consigned to shuttered shops, away from the general public who may not want to read them for religious or moral reasons. Or just because they are in poor taste.

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