how does the sunset look?

I’m taking advantage of the brand new theme that WordPress provides to import a photo for the header. I have to say I’m truly amazed how painless it was to import it and completely revolutionise the look of this page!

Judging by the lack of a thumb in the frame (even in the pre-cropped version), I don’t think this can be a picture that I took myself. But I was there when we went out in the car and were so stunned by the beauty of that sunset that we ended up stopping every few yards to capture the particular gentle pink shading visible over these hills which was so subtly yet significantly different from the view just back there. (Not last winter but the winter before, just for the record.)

Maybe for most people the stunning effect had worn off after the first few emergency stops, but I never fail to be inspired by sunsets like this.

6 thoughts on “how does the sunset look?

  1. Aha, yes, of course … :D It was somewhere in the isle of Lewis, Uig actually I think, so presumably that bit of water you can see is the Atlantic i guess :D

    You do get some beautiful sunsets in the city too but of course there’s always the danger of a chimney getting in the way – my photos from that evening contain the occasional lamp post but that’s really the only spoiler :D


  2. I really like the new look too! I wondered where that was taken as well and I still can’t quite place where exactly it was taken. You’ll have to take me there one day on a spin :) Btw… you could well have taken the picture, it’s just that it was meant to be of some poor person standing a few feet below the bottom of the picture :)


  3. Mangersta (sp?) i do believe, i was just re-living our wee spin in my head and it just occured to me where it was. It was taken at a manually set exposure time – because the automatic ones wern’t getting the right colour – … on my camera, hehe!


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