trade petition

I’m still not convinced that isn’t just another way for the government to ignore the wishes of the electorate (while managing to garner both the emails and home addresses of everyone who cares enough to sign one).

However, if you can get over that, here’s something else worth signing: a petition calling on the government to scrap the CAP and move towards fair trade.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to end Europe’s unfair trade barriers against developing countries, and scrap the CAP

It remains to be seen whether they’ll listen to the 1.6 million people (at the last count) who have signed a petition to abandon their vehicle tracking and road tax proposal. It seems unlikely (after all, they ignored the million who actually took to the streets against going to war in Iraq).

For the time being, too, I will continue to suppress a rant which is building up on the basis of the official response to the ID cards (and National Identity Register) petition on the petitions page – but you can understand that I amn’t impressed.

2 thoughts on “trade petition

  1. Thanks Peter, I hadn’t even noticed. I’ve signed it now.

    Nor did I notice I’d forgotten to actually include the link, which might have been helpful. The trade petition is here.


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