help! my phone makes me feel like a failure

It’s not just that I barely realised half the functions on my phone when I got it. It’s not just that bluetooth and infrared are still somewhat beyond me, and I don’t know how to reorganise my folders.

My phone has developed an intensely browbeating attitude towards its primary user (me). I just can’t get it to accept I ever do anything.

Every time I set myself a reminder from the Task option, it sets off the alarm at the stated time, and then, no matter how fast or slow I respond to say OK! it invariably flashes up with a doom-laden and scornfully disappointed screen: Not done.

But I did do it, I did! In fact I thought I achieved the posting of that letter quite successfully. That Thursday, I did reply to an outstanding email. I did in the end remember to put on a load of white washing. Don’t I deserve some recognition for that?

Evidently not. If has any good tips for retaining your self esteem under a domineering and tyrannical phone, please do help. It’s the little things …


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