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Just realising I forgot to record here for posterity that the outcome of the jury trial was that both the accused were found guilty on all the charges against them. One was fined £2000 for falsely reporting a vehicle stolen and attempting to claim the insurance, and the other was fined £1000 for receiving and keeping in possession a stolen vehicle.

Now I’m immersed in phonological theory again. For the first time I’ve been reading something written by Roman Jakobson at first hand. He’s the kind of person whose name crops up all over the place but you never really read him directly. But he must have been one of the first people to draw a serious distinction between so-called segmental aspects of phonology and so-called supra-segmental aspects (the terminology isn’t really fixed yet: his own terms seem to have been framework vs content; other people talk about prosody vs melody). It’s basically the distinction between things like intonation and stress patterns on the one hand, and the properties of smaller units on the other hand, although, inevitably, there are disagreements about what really belongs in which category.

Also I’m still somehow collecting data – there’s been an unexpected flurry of people coming forward to take part in the study. But soon, soon, hopefully, I’ll be able to finalise the data and get a definitive set of statistical results out of it so that I can get going on the analysis and interpretation …

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