no need for beating

Did anyone else hear the trailer on the radio this morning for the programme telling the story of Misbah (aka Molly) Rana (aka Campbell)?

It included a clip of her explaining how her mother’s claim that her father used to beat her was “unbelievable”. Then you heard her father chipping in to agree. “Why would I beat her? She was a good wife, she was bringing up my children, she was bringing them up the way I wanted …”

That might not be an exact word for word quote, but it was still an amazing thing to come out with on public radio.

Never mind the fact that, even if she hadn’t been bringing up his (well, their) children the way he wanted, he still wouldn’t have been justified in beating her, surely you’d have still thought that a much more convincing and reassuring response would have been along the lines of: ‘Why would I beat her? She was my wife!’

Maybe it’s just me.

2 thoughts on “no need for beating

  1. During the programme, Molly/Misbah went on to say that her father hasn’t hit her (Molly) for at least two years. So that’s ok then.

    You’d think alarm bells would be ringing loud and clear by now. Hopefully the Islamabad Supreme Court judges will prove to be as insightful as Judge Nisar of the LHC.


  2. Yes – *exactly*! Thanks for the comment Angela!

    One other thing which I meant to say is that this particular case makes it seem like young girls disappearing off to Pakistan isn’t such a terrible thiing after all – it completely trivialises the experience of other young people (boys as well sometimes) who don’t go over there quite so voluntarily and who somehow aren’t quite so tranquil about the prospect of their relatives arranging their marriage for them.

    The way that Louise Campell’s other older children (also in Pakistan with their father) then discussed her, and her breakdown, and her current lifestyle outside Islam, also betrayed an astonishing thoughtlessness, I thought.


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