jury update

Hmm, I got selected today. It’s a fraud case, involving cars (my area of speciality of course – for the record, my favourite kind is red ones).

The trial is expected to last until Tuesday, which means it could wipe out up to four working days. This is a deeply undesirable situation as I really can’t afford it just now. Who knows how I’m going to manage to make up the hours.

Probably not blogging is part of the answer. I do have another quote in the pipeline – again on how a person’s inability to savingly repent and believe is perfectly consistent with the gospel commands to do just those things – by a nineteenth century Free Church minister this time, John Bonar (1799-1863).

And I also want to say something about an article on language by Theodore Dalrymple: The Gift of Language. He lays into Steven Pinker’s The Language Instinct in a most elegant manner – not that the Language Instinct doesn’t deserve a lot of criticism, but I do disagree with probably at least two-thirds of what Dalrymple says.

Later though!


One thought on “jury update

  1. In reading Dalrymple’s article (he’s one of my favorite writers, agree with him or no), I hope you noticed, off on the right side, a link to his article on Samuel Johnson. A favorite writer writing on a favorite writer. Scrumptious!


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