exploring the options

Moving from Blogger isn’t exactly breaking my heart but it’s a good thing I’m doing it in the holidays with plenty of time on my hands.

So far:

  • I like the themes better
  • You get better control of how to write and what it looks like
  • When you preview a draft, it comes up exactly how it’s going to appear when you press publish (in Blogger you only see the text, and sometimes the layout gets messed up)
  • It’s easier to manage the sidebar (by drag and drop, and when you want to add a link you just click on ‘add link’)

Also, you can add more pages. So if I ever do take the notion to write an exhaustive critique of, um, anything that’s been annoying me recently, I can put it in its own page and take all the space I like. This is great.


5 thoughts on “exploring the options

  1. Says Peter who doesn’t really like change very much (must be how I survive in the FPs): It’s rather grey (like the weather in Dingwall for most of the last 3 months), and there’s a shadow running all the way down 2/3 of the way across the right sidebar.

    Having said that, as you’ll have gathered I decided to go for a non-Google blog too.

    Regarding change: I was really sad when Mr Callaghan went (you might not remember that, Cath!), and I thought Mrs Thatcher sounded so false.

    But I got used to her, and I think she changed a bit, and then I was really sad when Mrs Thatcher went; I remember telling someone (incidentally an FP elder) that that was the end of UK as an independent nation – was I right? But looking back I can see that she made a mess of a lot of things (selling everything off – from council houses to railways to electricity companies; Sunday opening of shops; the Maastricht treaty; arguably hastening the demise of millions of real jobs in UK), and of course the Falklands thing which made her seem so great was really rather silly – we were negotiating to get rid of the place anyway at the time, we were just so furious that the Argentines *took* it off us.

    Then when Mrs Thatcher went I thought Mr Blair sounded false. I must admit I’m rather looking forward to Mr Blair going – though Brown could be worse as he’s not only continued selling stuff off (though they took part of the railway back), he’s plunged our nation into debt for decades to come in the form of schools and hospitals that are financed by secret debt (running charges) instead of open debt and letting the authorities themselves run the things. Privatisation would be all very well if the private companies could really be held to account – but they always come begging for more money or just crash as with GNER (well that is largely the government’s fault, and such a shame as up until a couple of years ago they were *the* success story of a privatised railway).

    Hmm… sorry that’s not a very pleasant meditation to start the year…. well, I wish you the Lord’s blessing, and we need to pray for our country and for the church of Christ in Scotland.


  2. Yeah ur right i barely remember Maggie :D altho not too young to decide Tony Blair was totally fake, and nothing’s really happened since then to change that opinion unfortunately. Gordon Brown, hmm, seems a bit more decent than our Tony but again like you i do have some reservations about his policies.

    btw sorry ur comment took so long to appear – an overzealous spam catcher here and i didn’t check it diligently enough :(


  3. The current theme is caleld Ocadia and the grey/blue is meant to be, ah, ‘clean yet stylish’ … that would be the grey shadow, no? i’ve experimented with several different themes – the one called Toni is the most appealing but it scrunches up the text into the far left hand side of the screen, leaving about half the page empty.

    Also, do you have strong feelings about the font – i prefer sans serif so Fresh Bananas is out, but am open to change if people find it harder to read.

    I’m feeling the need to move away from greens at the moment, too similar to what i’ve just abandoned. I’ll stick with Ocadia for the time being unless there’s an outcry against it.

    Tick here if you want rid of Ocadia!


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