preparation time: five days

I’m looking for recipes for lamb for a birthday related dinner in a day or so, and came across one that involves shoulder of lamb plus baked tomatoes and a concoction with butter beans on the side. Serves six. Only problem is that you should start making it five days in advance – mainly because you have to massage salt into the chilled uncooked meat every twelve (12) hours for three days, before you even think of poaching it, for nearly two hours, cooling again, and refrigerating for a further day or two.

I’m not going to tell you where this book comes from: the snobbishness of it scares me a lot: and you, gentle reader, might be stunned. However, it does have a couple of lovely puddings, including the extravagant but worth-it chocolate caramel pots, so I suppose I can forgive the odd freaky digression into a world that I can’t imagine. Would my fridge even have space to keep that much meat just chilling, soaking up salt for three days?


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