reasons to hate christmas, No 79

The price of the Big Issue has gone up to £1.20 in the last week or so. While I was negotiating change with the vendor she mentioned it was her first day of selling it. And why? Since it’s Christmas.

It makes me sick that the pressures to participate in Christmas are so strong that someone has to resort to selling the Big Issue just to get through the Christmas season. It shouldn’t be like this!

If people are desperate to remember the birth of Christ they should do it on a weekly basis, every Lord’s Day when they remember his resurrection (his birth’s included there, along with his death, by presupposition if nothing else). Meanwhile, if you want a holiday at the end of the year, by all means have it … just don’t make religion an excuse for this commercial frenzy which disadvantages so many people who can least afford it.

And if you *really* have to do some Christmas shopping, how’s about Oxfam Unwrapped or World Vision’s Alternative Gifts catalogue. Then at least someone might benefit from our seasonal spending.

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